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Our Company contracts various kinds of anti-drilling engineering construction projects all over the world. Till now, our typical construction projects include the Liaoning Anshan project (240m deep well with 3m in diameter), the Tibet Mozhu Jiama Copper Polymetallic Mine project (206m deep well with 2.7m in diameter). the Kyrgyzstan Kuru-Jegelekkin project (240m deep well with 2.5m in diameter and 120 meters deep well with 1.5m in diameter, the YU Nan Jinghong jiangfeng Iron Mine 2580 Ventilation shaft project(120m deep and 3m in diameter. Jinchengxin Jinzhai Project(275 meters deep well, slope 50 degrees, diameter 2.4m), Sinohydro bureau three Fenning project (hole depth 295m. diameter 3 meters)Jinchengxin Xiadian gold mine project (240m deep well, 2m in diameter) and Sichuan Ganzi Jiulong Yalongjiang Mining project(180m deep well,2 m in diameter) etc These projects have achieved great success and a very high level of customer satisfaction. In a pragmatic and efficient manner, our company welcomes customers to visit and cooperate with us.

Till now Our company has dozens of large and medium-sized cooperation partners. including China Gold Group. the 23th Metallurgical Construction Group. Longxin Group, Deyuan Mining Investment Co,Ltd.etc Our projects are throughout domestic and international areas like Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan province and Kyrgyzstan. Currently, the company's business is expanding in many other domestic areas such as Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Xinjang. etc. A lot of Companies are interested to reach equipment leasing and technical service agreements with us.

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