Technology changes life, innovation changes the world - the world's first CY-UMD6i intelligent underground DTH drilling rig is about to be launched

At present, major countries in the world regard intelligent technology as the strategic direction of innovation and development, and strive to build it into a new driving force and new engine to promote economic and social development. As a new type of productivity, intelligent technology is becoming the core driving force for industrial transformation. As a pillar industry of the country, with the rapid development of intelligent technology, the need for mining enterprises to seek high-quality development is becoming more and more urgent.
In order to promote the construction of domestic intelligent mines, Hunan Chuangyuan vigorously innovated the mining concept and intelligent production mode, and formed "centralized control center visualized remote control of mining, autonomous operation on working face", "unmanned autonomous operation, and someone on duty safely" and other mining operations. concept, and build an intelligent working face production model with "intelligent control of working face as the mainstay, supplemented by remote intervention of centralized control center", so as to realize profound changes in intelligent mining technology and lay a solid foundation for safe and efficient green mine construction and intelligent mining development. Base.
With the corporate mission of "liberating mine workers from the harsh and high-risk environment", in order to improve the strength and international competitiveness of my country's mining technology and equipment, and to break through the technical blockade of foreign key technologies and equipment for unmanned mines, Hunan Innovation Yuangao Xin Machinery actively explores and carries out research on unmanned mining technology and equipment for serialized mines with the goal of "safety, high efficiency, economy and environmental protection".
Recently, under the leadership of the company's chairman, Professor Wang Yi, the R&D team overcame difficulties and completed the R&D design of the world's first CY-UMD6i intelligent underground DTH drilling rig. It has entered the trial production stage and will be released soon.
CY-UMD6i intelligent underground DTH drilling rig

CY-UMD6i intelligent underground DTH drilling rig is Hunan Chuangyuan High-tech Machinery to meet the needs of "intrinsically safe, resource-intensive, green and efficient" intelligent mine construction, combined with the characteristics of traditional DTH drilling rigs, adopts modular design, and can be equipped with cloud Computing, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, naked-eye 3D, intelligent driving, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies realize the self-planning, self-perception, self-decision and self-operation of the mining process.
Let's take a look at what "black technologies" this intelligent mining equipment is equipped with.
1. Four-wheel independent drive, flexible and flexible
►The four-wheel hydraulic motor independently drives the articulated chassis, and the transition is flexible and flexible;
►High-precision dual-spool digital valve-controlled travel system, making the operation more stable and safe.
2. Multi-power template selection and multi-mode operation, more diversified customization
►Modular power design, quickly realize diesel-electric combination, battery-electric combination, single electric and single diesel;
►Multi-mode operation, manual, wire-controlled and wireless operation can be selected as needed.
3. On-board compressor, no need for external air source, flexible and flexible
►Car-mounted U.S. Sailiwen compressor, the performance is more stable and reliable;
►The supply distance of random air source is short, the air pressure loss is small, and the slag discharge is more thorough.
4. The world's first vehicle-mounted integrated drill pipe library
►Drill pipe access is more convenient and labor-saving;
►Equipped with an automatic filling system for thread lubricating oil, the construction process is more worry-free.
Vehicle-mounted integrated drill pipe library

5. Robot connecting and unloading drill pipe system
►Sliding type multi-degree-of-freedom hydraulic manipulator, which replaces manual handling of drill pipes;
►Double valve core electro-hydraulic digital valve control system, more stable operation of unloading drill pipe and more accurate positioning;
►The system has strong adaptability, and the diameter and number of drill pipes are not limited;
►Double triangular telescopic drill boom realizes super-long translation and small working distance.
Multi-degree-of-freedom hydraulic manipulator

6. Equipped with RCS rig operating system
►Safety protection: early warning protection of rod drop due to misoperation and stuck drill; emergency cut off power to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel;
►Automatic positioning: Equipped with a drilling positioning system to independently realize the drilling positioning action;
►Automatic diagnosis: The system fault diagnosis module detects in time, and issues early warnings and prompts in time;
►Optimal drilling: The system operation data is collected and detected in a timely manner, and self-adjusted to achieve optimal drilling;
►Report production report, lithology analysis: broadband communication with vehicle-mounted industrial control tablet computer through wifi, detailed and timely display of various parameters, automatic generation of operation reports, equipment operation reports and related records.
Real-time monitoring, data storage, report generation

7. Advanced digital hydraulic control technology, more precise action and more reliable operation
►Using a hydraulic system with load sensitivity, multiple filtration and full proportional electromagnetic control, energy saving and high efficiency, high intelligence, strong anti-fouling ability, and the system is more stable and reliable;
►The application of cutting-edge dual-spool electro-hydraulic digital valve group technology can realize high-response driving with very little current;
►Compensation and load-sensing functions realized electronically, the equipment has good fretting performance and small action error;
►The spools on both sides can be independently controlled and support multiple control modes. Different modes of control (such as pressure, flow, etc.) can be realized through a unified hardware structure and customized software;
►Electro-hydraulic control integrated system, integrated high-performance data processing control unit on the valve, can monitor and analyze various performance parameters of system operation in real time, and make construction and fault analysis easier and faster.
Hydraulic digital valve

8. One-time machine positioning can complete porous fully autonomous operations without manual intervention
►Total station technology, naked-eye 3D technology application, one-time machine positioning, one-key operation to complete porous fully autonomous operations;
►Robot technology application, the manipulator automatically connects and unloads the drill pipe throughout the operation, and automatically fills the drill pipe thread oil.
9. Equipped with our company's drilling rig positioning and navigation system, communication system, and the central control platform can realize remote control, and one person can take care of multiple drilling rigs
►Real-time industrial bus communication, less than 100ms control response delay, to ensure safe, accurate and high-precision control of the drilling rig;
►The remote controller meets the needs of -25℃~+70℃ wide temperature working scenarios, and meets the needs of harsh scene environments such as mines and heavy industries, and its performance is more stable and reliable;
►Industrial display, IP65 protection grade; shockproof body design, suitable for harsh working environments such as high dust and high vibration.