The world's first intelligent underground DTH drilling rig with autonomous robot pick-up and unloading rod successfully rolled off the production line

On August 15, the world's first intelligent underground DTH drilling rig CY-UMD6i independently developed by Hunan Chuangyuan High-tech Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled off the production line and sent to the mine site after the inspection of the National Safety Production Changsha Mine Electromechanical Inspection and Inspection Center.

At present, the traditional large-diameter deep-hole drilling rigs have thick and heavy drill pipes and a large amount of connecting rods, and it is difficult to realize the mechanized unloading of drill pipes. Although the advanced foreign products of the same kind are equipped with drill pipe magazines on the thrusters, their large size seriously limits the drilling rigs. The depth and diameter of the hole, the small swing of the drilling rig, and the large side-to-side distance make it difficult to meet the requirements of the mining process. Hunan Chuangyuan applied advanced digital hydraulics, robots, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies to develop the world's first vehicle-mounted large-capacity drill pipe library. UMD6i intelligent large diameter deep hole drilling rig.

CY-UMD6i intelligent large-diameter deep hole drilling rig adopts diesel-electric dual power drive, hydraulic four-wheel drive articulated chassis, with strong passing ability and good maneuverability; the use of on-board high-pressure compressors does not require towing air ducts; the world's first on-board large-capacity The drill pipe library and multi-degree-of-freedom hydraulic manipulator can independently complete the operation of unloading the drill pipe. The diameter and depth of the drilling hole are not limited, the edge distance is extremely small, and the swing is large, which can realize the drilling of holes at one time. It is equipped with RCS3 with independent software copyright. 0 The intelligent operating system can realize functions such as safety protection, intelligent positioning, autonomous operation, lithology perception, report generation and interconnection, and is an ideal supporting equipment for smart mines.

The successful launch of CY-UMD6i intelligent underground DTH drilling rig will meet the needs of mine mechanization and intelligent development in my country, effectively improve the production efficiency, safety level and environmental protection level of mines, improve the working environment of underground workers, and bring more mine workers Liberation from high-risk and harsh environments.
In the future, Chuangyuan people will also continue to carry forward the fine style of innovation and hard work, based on the industry, overcome difficulties, develop more world-leading products, continue to enhance the voice and initiative of Made in China in the global market, and serve the country. The development and utilization of mineral resources provides reliable key technology and equipment support.