Chuangyuan High-tech DTH Drilling Rig and Raise Boring Machine were Ship Together


On April 24, 2020, the 150 DTH drilling rig customized by our company's Shandong customer and the CY-R80 raise boring machine customized by Liaoning's customer were successfully assembled and commissioned, and sent to Shandong and Liaoning.

In order to fulfill the customer's order requirements on time and quality, the employees of each department of Chuangyuan High-tech have adhered to their responsibilities in different positions and are conscientious. The employees of the whole line of the workshop are actively producing. The products are strictly checked in both production and quality inspection. Every product of the company's offline line reflects the tireless pursuit of quality by Chuangyuan High-tech. In the industry, product quality has been passed down from word to word. We firmly believe that word of mouth is the best advertisement!