Five Rows Raise Boring Cutters Hard Alloy Material For Rock Hardness F6 - F18
Five Rows Raise Boring Cutters Hard Alloy Material For Rock Hardness F6 - F18

Five Rows Raise Boring Cutters Hard Alloy Material For Rock Hardness F6 - F18

Model NO.
CYHT (1)
Minimum order quantity:
1 piece
Supply Ability:
300 piece / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
30 Days

Detailed Product Description


For Rock Hardness Of F6-F18


Raiseboring Machine Roller Cutter




High Quality Steel And Hard Alloy

Five Rows Long Service Life Raise Borer Machine Roller Cutter For Rock Hardness of F6-F18


In our factory, there are two kinds 5 rows cutter, one is our M type and another is our H type. In order to make each cuuter last longer, we used high quality steel and high quality hard alloy when manufacturing it. For rocks with different crushing properties (from the rock hardness of F6 to the rock hardness of F18), they all work well and achieve good results. We use the same cutter throughout the process. As a result, the phenomenon of incorrectly trimming the head is almost gone, and there is no need to go to stock so many different types of tools.


1. We can provide you with two types of cutters, M and H. For rocks with different breaking properties and various geological conditions with hardness Prussian coefficient of F6 - F18, our hobs can meet your requirements very well. In addition, according to the geological characteristics of users, we can provide hob configuration suitable for you, so that you can buy products with high cost performance.
2. Previously, some cutter sets were installed by welding, which may lead to defects such as low repetitive positioning accuracy and long replacement cycle. However, our cutter sets were installed by high-strength screw and positioning pin keys, which can effectively avoid these defects.
3. The connection between cutter and cutter saddle is patented structure. The V-groove and oblique anti-loosening bolt can effectively avoid the cutter jump caused by rock-breaking vibration and double the service life of cutter base and cutter.
4. The special design of alloy tooth profile can improve its ability to hard rock, while maintaining sufficient strength and life.
5. The optimum installation angle of cutter and cutter saddle can avoid the early wear of cutter base and cutter body and keep good rock-breaking performance of alloy teeth throughout their life.


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Chuangyuan High-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd

Kevin Liu

Mobile/ Wechat/ Whatsapp: 008618612948866

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