Safe and efficient, Hunan Chuangyuan drilling rig products empower Yuxi Feiya Mining and gain recognition

On December 23, Yuxi Feiya Mining Dahongshan Project Department overcame the harsh environment of high temperature, high humidity, dry heat and poor ventilation, breaking the historical record of deep well construction of the project department of 77m, and successfully completed the construction of 179.5m deep well in 38 days.
(CY-R120VD self-propelled raise drilling rig)
In this construction, Hunan Chuangyuan's CY-R120VD self-propelled raise drilling rig has made great achievements and won high praise from customers. No equipment failure occurred during the 38-day construction period, and the construction deflection rate was 0.89% lower than the control index of 1%, helping Yuxi Mining Dahongshan Copper Mine to create a new benchmark for raise drilling construction.
At the end of 2017, Yuxi Feiya Mining purchased a CY-R120VD raise drilling rig from Hunan Chuangyuan. CY-R120VD raise drilling rig has flexible crawler walking ability, high operation efficiency, safety and reliability, flexible operation, and one-time well completion, which fundamentally solves the problems of difficult construction, strong labor intensity and high safety risk in raise operation. After using the CY-R120VD raise drilling rig, Yuxi Feiya Mining successfully completed 478 meters of raise construction in 2018, which greatly improved the operation efficiency and safety. In 2019, Yuxi Feiya Mining once again purchased a CY-R120VD raise drilling rig from Hunan Chuangyuan. Hunan Chuangyuan's drilling rig products have won unanimous recognition and praise from Yuxi Feiya Mining for its excellent performance. In 2021, Yuxi Feiya Mining once again purchased a KQG-150 DTH drilling rig from Hunan Chuangyuan.

(KQG-150 DTH Drilling Rig)
High-quality products are the best advertisements and the cornerstone of the long-term development of enterprises. Hunan Chuangyuan has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality wins, innovation achieves far", and provides customers with the most first-class products and services. Welcoming repeat customers with high-quality products is the secret of success of Hunan Chuangyuan's rapid development, which has grown from a small start-up business to a "little giant" of technology in just a few years. I sincerely thank every customer and partner for their recognition and support of Hunan Chuangyuan. In the future, Hunan Chuangyuan will not forget its original intention and strive to provide you with better products and more thoughtful services.