Leading the trend to glory | Hunan Chuangyuan's 10th Anniversary Basketball Game and Sports Meeting ended successfully

In the golden autumn of October, the sweet smelling osmanthus, Ningxiang Blue Moon Valley Worker Culture Palace is full of laughter and laughter. In this harvest season, Chuangyuan people gathered together to pay tribute to every struggling Chuangyuan and Hunan Chuangyuan's 10 years of hard work with a unique sports meeting.

The theme of this anniversary sports meeting is "creating a leading trend and reaching brilliance", which is divided into two rounds of basketball games and fun sports games. With team cooperation as the core, the team that wins the championship and the runner up team is finally selected according to the team performance.

Before the official start of the competition, Wang Yi, Chairman and General Manager of Hunan Chuangyuan, delivered a speech to encourage everyone to actively compete, show the spirit of Chuangyuan people who are united and enterprising and dare to fight. He also sent a message to Chuangyuan people, hoping that this sports meeting will be an opportunity for everyone to exercise appropriately after work, so that they can work happily and live happily.

After fierce competition, the combined team of mining machinery subsidiary, quality management center and operation management center won the team championship in the basketball game, while the combined team of leasing subsidiary, marketing center and after-sales service center won the team runner up.                                                                                                                                                                    

The basketball players are full of morale and go all out to play. Some teams showed super basketball strength and teamwork, while the inferior team was not discouraged. They actively looked for ways to win and invited President Wang to leave the court for tactical guidance.
Although they were reluctant to lose in the end, their spirit of not admitting defeat is still worth learning for each pioneer; The final result of the competition also tells us that we can't win the final victory without our usual efforts. The only way to win the final victory is to be down-to-earth and stick to a valuable thing for a long time.


The Fun Games are divided into four parts: sharing weal and woe, perseverance, hand in hand and Astro Boy. For the glory of the team, we worked together wholeheartedly, cheering and cheering one after another. Some teams turn defeat into victory at the last moment with an unyielding spirit; Some teams are far ahead depending on the tacit understanding cultivated in ordinary days. In the end, the second mining machine team won the team championship of the Fun Games with the first total score of four events.

Hunan Chuangyuan held the Games not only to implement the principles and policies of fitness for all and building a sports power, but also to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm, enhance the vitality of the enterprise, form a good atmosphere of loving sports, caring for health, uplifting, promising, united and forging ahead, and promote the harmonious and stable development of the enterprise.


In each interesting competition link, Chuangyuan people relaxed their body and mind, strengthened the team cohesion, and showed a vigorous and enterprising spirit. From 2012 to 2022, over the past ten years, Chuangyuan has witnessed the rise and development of Hunan Chuangyuan. In the future, we will give full play to our potential and work enthusiasm, integrate sports spirit into our daily work, and start a new journey with strong physique, exciting spirit and full passion!