Tenth Anniversary Special | Series Report on Serving Wanlixing

After completing the service in Hubei, the joint service team of Chuangyuan kept going to the second stop of the Wanli trip - three mining areas of a mining company in Jiangxi. This action is just like Chuangyuan, which has never stopped in the past ten years. It is not afraid of wading across mountains and rivers, cold and hot weather. It is always committed to solving problems for customers and satisfying their all-round needs with high-quality products and efficient services.
Once arriving at the destination, the service team immediately held a symposium with the customer, presented each customer with "three hearts", explained the maintenance knowledge to the customer patiently, carefully and thoughtfully, and at the same time, after understanding the customer's doubts, went down the well to solve them. The service team led the maintenance personnel in the mine to conduct an overall overhaul of the equipment, which took two days to complete a major maintenance of the equipment.

After completing the ten thousand mile travel service in the mining area, the team members went to the next mining area without stopping. The second mining customer has unique experience in the use of equipment. The equipment used for more than a year not only meets the needs of the production patio task in the mine, but also is maintained just like the new equipment. Our personnel exchange equipment use experience with the customer, record the good work experience of the customer in using the equipment, and maintain the equipment at the same time.

Mr. Xiao, the equipment manager of the mining area
The operator is very qualified, the management is also very up to standard, and the after-sales service of Chuangyuan is very good!
Finally, when we arrived at the third mining area, the service team quickly led the customer to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment, so that the equipment could continue to be constructed safely and efficiently for the customer in the best state, at the same time, we exchanged equipment work experience, and improved the service life of drilling tools to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase for the customer. This service has also been highly recognized by the leaders of the company and the mining area. Thank Chuangyuan for holding this activity to solve practical problems for them.
Mine staff
The pass of the rail mine is very important. Chuangyuan's equipment is very excellent for driving such a large diameter pass with such a small volume!